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Take your next step to sustainable living


Sustainable living should be easy, a small step from how we currently live to how our planet needs us to live for the future. A way to make more conscious decisions about the choices we have but also a way to live that doesn’t require us to think about change every day, change in our habits and our behaviours.


Designed to reduce energy use, save water and improve our habits, our new Sustainable Living range features long-lasting, well-considered design with multi-functional spaces to meet the changing needs of homeowners over time. As a result, communities blossom as the need for people to move house so often, declines.


If you're looking for a home that will help you to reduce your energy and utility bills whilst also helping to reduce your impact on the environment, buying one of our Sustainable Living family homes could be your next step to sustainable living.

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Cosy with lower bills

With the implementation of smart energy technology and the reduction in water, heating and energy costs, the biggest impact you're likely to see is on your monthly bills.

take control of your budgets
Street scene of Lawnswood sustainable living homes

Power your home with solar energy

Each home is equipped with solar panels as standard and most homes come with a backup battery to power your home and save you money on energy bills.


Warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer

Improved fabric insulation in walls and floors and increased glazing efficiency on double glazed windows ensuring your home is the right temperature all year round. Always comfortable.

a comfortable home
damp bathroom needing ventilation

State-of-the-art ventilation system

Controlled air flow with continuous mechanical ventilation to draw moisture out of the air providing a quieter and more efficient system to intermittent fans.

Reduce your household water and energy

Water-reducing technology fitted in all showers and toilets. Additionally, the waste-water heat recovery system reduces the amount of energy required to heat your water. Water butts are also included in all of our homes that will enable you to recycle rainwater to maintain your garden. 

Watch our video to better understand how our waste-water heat recovery system works

water saving shower
smart heating system and controls

A smarter way of living

Manage the temperature throughout your home with a built-in Hive heating system.
Your home also comes with 100% LED lighting and a wired Ring doorbell. 

Electric-vehicle charging ready

All homes have been wired for electric vehicle charging points for those with electric cars. Charging points can be installed upon request.

electric vehicle charging
local ecosystem

Supporting the local ecosystem

The landscaping plans around this area of the development have been carefully planned to support a biodiverse ecosystem. The development also benefits from hedgehog highways, bird boxes and bug hotels.

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