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Our Customer Charter

We genuinely care about the experience that each of our customers has, when buying one of our homes.  

We aim to put our customers at the centre of what we do, from designing our homes through to the attention we give to building each one.  We employ trustworthy people who work to ensure that our customers have a quality home and a good experience.

We promise to always listen to you. We may not always be able to action your request but we will do everything we can to try.

We support and are a member of the Consumer Code for Housebuilders and the New Homes Quality Code. The Codes are available in full on our website so you can view the guidelines we agree to be bound by. The Codes are important to us and our support demonstrates our desire to put you, our customer first. 

Ultimately, we are a team of people who take pride in our work and are passionate about doing our best. We are honest in our dealings. 

We want you to be happy in your home but if something has gone wrong, please tell us and we’ll do everything we can, to put it right.

The Consumer Code for Homebuilders

The Consumer Code for Home Builders is an industry-led scheme which gives protection and rights to the purchasers of new homes, ensuring that new home buyers are treated fairly and are fully informed about their purchase.

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New Homes Quality Code

This code of practice aims to drive up the quality of new build homes and strengthen protections for customers from when they walk into the sales office, through to two years after the purchase of the home.

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Here for you

If you have any questions about our Customer Charter, the Consumer Code for Homebuilders or the New Homes Quality Code, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to tell you more. 

Alternatively, if you feel you need some additional support, we are here to help.