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New Homes Quality Code

At Cameron Homes we have always put our customers first. We endeavour to not only build quality homes for families to live and grow in, but offer an exceptional customer experience throughout the entire buying process and beyond moving in. 

In 2022, the New Homes Quality Board launched which offers buyers of new homes enhance protection in their purchase through the New Homes Quality Code. As a registered developer we are proud to have adopted this code into our practices and adhere to its guidelines. 

The New Homes Quality Code sets out principles in which we are proud to follow:

  1. Fairness: to treat customers fairly throughout the buying and post-purchase process 
  2. Safety: to carry out and complete work in line with regulations and have achieved the necessary certificates to prove adherence 
  3. Quality: complete all work to a high standard in line with regulation and specification of the new home
  4. Service: to ensure all processes and employees provide the customer with a quality experience in line with the requirements of the code
  5. Responsiveness: present reliable and effective procedures to ensure customer queries are responded to in good time
  6. Transparency: ensure all information around the purchase of their new home is clear and accurate for buyers
  7. Independence: promote the freedom to use independent legal and financial advisers for buyers 
  8. Inclusivity: provide appropriate support to vulnerable customers and ensure content is accessible in all formats and languages required
  9. Security: ensure there are reasonable financial arrangements in place to meet obligations under the code
  10. Compliance: meet all of the requirements of the code and the New Homes Ombudsman Service.

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Download the full code

Click to download and view the English language version of the New Homes Quality Code, direct from the NHQC website. This will automatically begin the download.