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Is a new build home worth buying?

  • 09/05/24
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New energy efficiency performance figures for new build homes have been published by the House Builders Federation in line with the Government's latest EPC data.



New build homes are increasingly more energy efficient

85% of new builds achieve an A or B EPC rating compared to less than 5% of older properties

New builds often have condensing boilers, double or triple glazing, insulation and solar panels. Some properties may also be fitted with the latest energy-efficient appliances and heating.

A new build can save on homeowners energy bills

The average new build energy bill is 57% cheaper than running costs for older properties

Properties built to new sustainability regulations from June 2023 onwards are estimated to save homeowners more than £2,000 on their annual energy bills. For houses in particular, this cost saving could rise to £2,575 per year. 

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Energy efficiency in every home

Whether you own a house, bungalow, maisonette or even a flat.

On average new build houses are 66% more energy efficient, saving homeowners up to £183 a month on their energy bills. That is an annual saving of £2,195 a year! 

Even in a new build bungalow, homeowners can see a saving of more than £1,480 per year.


Why buy new?

We understand that choosing a new home is a big decision but when buying new, you can save money long term on running costs and energy bills. 

The lower energy consumption of new build homes is the result of employing modern building techniques, using energy-efficient materials and finishes during the construction stage. New build homes can also be equipped with the latest state-of-the-art energy-efficient appliances.


Looking for your energy-efficient home?

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