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What interior design styles are trending? - The 90s vs. today

  • 28/03/24
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As we mark our 30th anniversary of selling homes, we have been looking back at photography of some of our first-ever show homes from 1994.

We thought now would be the perfect time to take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the differences in interior design trends from then and now.

The bold and bohemian 90s

The 90s was a decade of bold colours and quirky features. Patterned wallpaper and furniture were popular, with accent colours such as red and burnt orange used to elevate each space.

90s living room
90s Kitchen

Practicality ruled the kitchen, with easy-clean linoleum flooring being a popular choice, teamed with dark marble kitchen counters.

Pine was the go-to for kitchens, offering a warm, natural aesthetic that complemented the open layout of kitchen-diners. In addition to this, a touch of bohemian flair was brought into the home through the placement of wicker furniture.

2024’s modern maximalism

Fast forward to today, and interior design trends have undergone a significant shift. Now, we are all about creating a sense of calm and comfort in our homes.

Warm neutral colours, like earthy browns and creams, form the foundation of interior palettes of our homes today, providing a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Wall panelling is back in trend, in particular using a dark or painted wood, adding a touch of texture, and layering to any space.


Statement tiles have also become an option to add a pop of personality, whether it's a geometric pattern in the kitchen or a mosaic feature wall in the bathroom.

Maximalism is also making a comeback, but in a more curated way than the clutter of the past. Stripes especially are becoming a bold design choice, whether that’s through an accent wall or furniture. In addition to this, luxurious fabrics are being added to create a lavish feel to rooms, but with a focus on classic, investment pieces that complement each other.

Let's also not forget the rise of designated coffee stations. In our fast-paced world and with the rise of flexible working, a dedicated spot to make a latte or cappuccino has become an essential part of the modern home for some.

As we celebrate 30 years of selling and building quality homes, we are excited to continue our journey and create living spaces that can be personalised to each homeowner and inspire them for years to come.