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How to declutter and rediscover lost space

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Discover how decluttering can bring out the best in you and your home.

We pride ourselves on our of understanding space. Each and every home we build considers the people living under its roof. Dedicated studies, open plan kitchen and living areas, feature bay windows and seamless connections to the garden gives you the freedom to be flexible.

Nevertheless, clutter and chaos can get the better of everybody from time to time – especially at the moment. But if you’re planning a move, looking to redecorate or simply want to improve the wellbeing in your household, a little decluttering can go a long way.

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Time to reclaim your space

The phrase, ‘there’s no time like the present’, has never been more true. Now more than ever, it’s important to give our living spaces a spruce and ourselves a boost. 

The past year has forced many of us to reconsider how our household’s function. With homes becoming workplaces, gyms and oftentimes the only place to go on a Friday night, it can feel like those special moments of relaxation and quiet are few and far between. 

However, living in a multipurpose home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sanctuary. Reclaiming space overrun with clutter is a great way for you to recapture that homely feeling.

The feel-good factor

Decluttering has countless benefits. It can help form positive habits, free up more living space and even save you money. But one of the most valuable advantages is the effect it can have on your mood. 

According to research, spending just 15 minutes organising one area of your home can help you feel happier and more relaxed. From today’s perspective, studies have shown that stress levels among those working from home have risen during the pandemic. And in turn, so has the level of clutter. We think that presents a great opportunity! 

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Learn from the best

The Marie Kondo approach

In the world of decluttering, it doesn’t get much better than Japanese organisation guru, Marie Kondo. From her philosophy on joy to her famous space-saving fold, we’ve been learning from the very best.

Here are some of our favourite principles, lessons, tips and tricks from the queen of housekeeping.

Tidy by category, not by room

In 2014, Kondo published her bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In it, she establishes her first of many revolutionary ideas – organise by category, not by room.

Tackling one item in your home, such as books or clothes, is far more efficient than focusing on everything in a single room. Tidying by category forces you to commit and complete one type of decluttering at a time. Plus, most of us have no idea how much stuff we own, so it can be a wake-up call!

Does it spark joy? 

Decluttering the Kondo way is really about discarding items that lack value. To determine what stays and what goes, Kondo suggests we ask ourselves one simple question – does it spark joy?

“Keep only those things that speak to your heart.” – Marie Kondo

If the answer is no, then toss it. If it’s yes, then keep it. Approach things this way and once you’re done, only your most joy-giving possessions will remain.

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Get tough on your stuff

Goodbyes can be hard. For lots of us, parting ways with certain items is difficult. But these trinkets and mementos are doing your space no favours.

‘But what if this stuff brings me joy?’, you ask? Kondo’s advice would be to bring these things together in a beautiful way – such as a scrapbook. That way your treasured memories can sit neatly on a bookshelf, and not strewn around your home.

“Follow your intuition and all will be well.” – Marie Kondo

Things have feelings too 

Personifying your belongings will not only boost your gratitude for certain items, but it’ll help you make better decisions when decluttering. One of Kondo’s more unusual principles, this may sound odd at first. However, reshuffling and reorganising is far easier when you see things from the perspective of… things! 

the famous fold

The famous fold

Beyond her philosophies on decluttering, Kondo also has some great practical advice. Her folding technique has been a revelation for many of her followers. She suggests folding clothes vertically in your drawers, making everything easy to spot and hard to mess up. According to Kondo, your clothes will be “happier” if you fold them, as will you! 

Small changes

Keep small change in your wallet. Kondo doesn’t understand why people store change in piggy banks and jars around their homes. Instead, she suggests putting all your loose change right back into your purse. That way, you’ll actually spend that money instead of letting it sit collecting dust. 

Failure is fine

“Even if you fail, don't worry – your house won't blow up.” – Marie Kondo

Remember that nobody is perfect, and nobody’s home is perfect. If you’re part of a family with a hectic schedule, don’t wear yourself out trying to do everything at once. 

Tackle your space at your pace. It’s good to do things in stages. You can declutter over the course of a week, a month or even a year. The first step is simply making the effort. 

While the pandemic persists, all of Marie’s advice can be put to good use. But once this moment has passed, we hope that you’ll feel the benefits of decluttering and reorganising well into the future. 

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