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Say goodbye to the box room - fresh ideas to enhance your spare room

  • 01/02/24
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When it comes to utilising the space in our homes, no area can be overlooked. The smallest room, commonly referred to as the box room, often suffers from underuse, particularly if children have grown up and flown the nest, or it might just be used for additional storage as a spare room. But with a bit of creativity, these spaces can be transformed into something both functional and fabulous. Here, we’ll explore five innovative and exciting ways to breathe new life into your box room and make the most of the space available.

A space to hide away and relax

In the pursuit of an at-home sanctuary where you can relax and unwind after a long day, every spare can play a pivotal role. By embracing minimalist ideals, your box room could be used as a calming retreat away from the busy living spaces in the rest of your home. Adopting a neutral colour scheme, and avoiding stimulating or bold colours, you can create an uncluttered and soothing space to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet at the end of a long day. The beauty of minimalist design is in its simplicity, so opt for sleek, fuss-free furniture that offer both style and function without overwhelming the room.

The primary objective here is to create a space that helps you to relax, where you can step away from the chaos of everyday life and take a well-deserved break. Take this opportunity to disconnect from digital distractions, allowing yourself the luxury of quiet time, away from the constant pinging of notifications. A small sitting area where you can put your feet up, relax with a book, and keep it clear of children's toys or clutter.

Goodbye box room, hello walk-in wardrobe 

Has the idea of having your own personal catwalk ever appealed to you? Imagine a room where everything has a home, from your glamorous gowns to your casual t-shirts, stylish shoes, and statement accessories. Transforming your spare room into a walk-in wardrobe could be the solution to your fashion, and storage, dreams.

Starting with a blank space, look at what items you need to store and what you want to have on display. Think about what you use most frequently and will need regular access to. Kick off this fashion-forward project by introducing a sturdy rail to hang your favourite outfits, keeping them free from creases whilst still being easily accessible. Vertical space is often overlooked so consider installing high shelves to store boxes or items you may only need a few months out of the year, effectively utilising the height of the room.

Footwear deserves its special spot too. Shelves at a lower level can be designed to showcase your shoes, allowing for easy access and displaying your collection beautifully. Drawers or small cabinets could be a practical addition to keep smaller items and accessories neat and within reach.

Imagine waking up in the morning, stepping into your own wardrobe and having all your outfits at your fingertips. No more rummaging through piles of clothes or squinting to see yourself in a dimly lit room. Adding a full-length mirror and proper lighting can make getting ready in the morning a delightful experience rather than a chore.

Transform it into a children's playroom

A box room can be your child’s ultimate playtime haven, a place where their imagination is the only limit. The transformation doesn't need to be expensive or overwhelming. A bit of creativity, a dash of colour and plenty of child-friendly storage solutions can turn this underutilised space into a vibrant playroom.

Begin by allocating a home for every toy. Various sized bins, baskets and shelves are perfect for keeping their playthings tidy, accessible and off the living room floor. This simple step not only brings organisation but also teaches the little ones about responsibility and the importance of tidiness.

With the toy situation under control, why not introduce a small table and chair set? This could become their arts and crafts station, a place for them to channel their inner Picasso. Be it painting, drawing, modelling clay or making collages, having a designated space will let their creativity flow freely. Add some magnetic or chalkboard paint to a section of the wall and watch it become an ever-changing display of their creativity.

Remember, this room is meant to be their domain, so let them have a say in the decor. From deciding on the colour of the walls to picking out a funky rug or curtains, involving them in the process will make them feel proud and more connected to the space.

The perfect study

In an increasingly remote world, having your own dedicated workspace has become a necessity. Enter the box room, ready to be transformed into your own home office. Here, you can establish an efficient, well-organised workstation that inspires productivity and creativity and is a space that is ready for you to work from every day.

The first step in the transformation is to select a desk that fits comfortably into the room, while providing you with ample workspace. Pair this with a comfortable chair that encourages good posture, and you have the basic elements of your office set-up. A desk with built-in storage is a great option to keep stationery, important files, and tech gadgets organised and within reach. Alternatively, you could consider a height-adjustable desk that can be lifted to provide a stand-up desk to help you stretch your legs throughout the day.

Next, consider the wall space. Mounting a few floating shelves above your desk can create additional storage for books, decorative items or framed inspirational quotes. It’s all about cleverly utilising the vertical space without cluttering your actual work area.

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating an effective workspace. Ideally, your desk should be placed near a window to make the most of natural light. A desk lamp with a daylight bulb can also supplement natural light on duller days and provide adequate lighting for late-night work sessions.

What about your own cinema room?

Have you ever fancied having a private cinema at home? If so, you’re in luck. Your box room presents the perfect opportunity to set up a thrilling home cinema where you can enjoy movie nights in your own cosy retreat. 

Firstly, consider your viewing equipment. A flat-screen TV mounted on the wall is an excellent space-saving solution. Alternatively, you can create an immersive cinematic experience with a projector. Many modern projectors are compact, easy to install and deliver high-definition picture quality. Don’t forget to incorporate quality audio equipment, whether it be a soundbar or surround sound speakers, to complete the cinematic experience.

Next, think about the seating. For ultimate comfort, opt for plush bean bags, a cuddle sofa, or even a sofa bed layered with soft blankets and cushions. Regardless of the choice, make sure it's something you'd be comfortable in for a couple of hours at a time.
To control the light for optimal viewing, fit the windows with blackout blinds or heavy curtains. A dark room will enhance your viewing experience by providing contrast and making colours on the screen pop.

Setting up a home cinema in your spare room might require a little bit of planning, but the result will be a personalised, cosy space where you can unwind with your favourite films whenever you want.

Whether you're a film buff or just love the idea of having a unique, intimate space to relax and entertain, a DIY home cinema could be the exciting transformation your box room has been waiting for. So, dim the lights, pop some corn, press play, and let the magic of cinema whisk you away.