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Your 2-year warranty

Your home is covered by a 10 year warranty. In the first two years, we as your builder are responsible for the warranty on your home. This will cover structural items, rather than wear and tear. From Year 3 to 10 the NHBC will be responsible for the warranty of your home, again covering structural items, excluding wear and tear or storm damage. Please refer to your policy document for further information or visit the NHBC website here. If you have any query or need our help, please get in touch.

Mercia Bathroom

Items covered under your warranty:

  • Defects to glazing, sanitary ware and kitchen units or worktops if reported within ten days of legal completion
  • Water leaks including baths and showers
  • Heating failure: central heating boilers, radiators, cylinders and pressure valves. You are responsible for ensuring that your heating system is serviced annually, so that your warranty is not void.
  • Electrical faults
  • Roof leaks (but not storm damage)
  • Security issues i.e. doors, windows, garage doors unable to lock or unlock
  • Blocked drains. Gutters are the responsibility of the homeowner and should be kept clean and clear to ensure they work effectively.
  • The adjustment of doors that may have dropped during the drying out process

What to do if you notice a defect

As your new home begins to dry out and settle, you may see small hairline cracks. This is a normal transition from a new building to an occupied home that is heated and cooled throughout the day. If any of these hairline cracks or any other imperfection are outside the NHBC standards, we will inspect and resolve for you.  

Your home is hand built from the foundations through to the roof tiles, by skilled builders. Unlike a factory produced product, it will feature natural imperfections or slight flaws. This is normal for any hand built home and are not defects.

Full details of what is considered a defect can be found here. Please check before you advise us of a defect. That will enable us to act quickly to resolve any defect. 

Your responsibilities as a home owner

While we are happy to respond to any fault in your home, you are responsible for maintaining all aspects of your home so that they do not fall into disrepair.

This includes:

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Replacement of light bulbs as required
  • Tightening and replacement of tap washers when needed
  • Annual service for your central heating and hot water system
  • Regular cleaning and clearing of gutters and gullies
  • Your garden including watering of turf

The following items are not covered under your warranty:

  • Theft or damage caused by a third party
  • Sealant and grout
  • Changes in colour, texture or staining of external finishes
  • Poor broadband or TV reception
  • Watering of turf to facilitate growth
  • Any scratches or chips to surfaces, not reported within the first 10 days
  • Overland flow issues caused by neighbouring land